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Florida permits Notaries to charge a separate travel fee. These fees are not stipulated by law but must be agreed upon by the signer and the notary prior to the notarization. Please use the guide below to give you an idea of what our quote might be or just give us a call (352) 507-8334

We accept Credit Card and Pay Pal  Payments

 Please call for a quote (352) 507-8334

On average, our travel fees are $30 per half hour.

Don't hesitate to 


We are happy

 to calculate travel 


(352) 507-8334


 Some acts require more time, sometimes the documents aren't ready, sometimes all the necessary signers are running late.  We offer a 15 minute WAIT GRACE Period.  After 15 minutes we do charge a late fee. Please know, we will work with you in every possible way to accommodate your needs while keeping our services affordable for all.

Weddings are always unique. Please call us!