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I have been a business professional for many years in both sales and operations.  I am reliable, thorough and stand by my work. 

What you can Expect when Signing

I am not just a "sign and stamp it" notary. We perform the following functions as part of notarizing signatures on documents--all  are required by Florida law, except the itemized receipt.

 * Examine the document for completeness

*  Assess type of notarial act desired

*  Identify the document signer

* Confirm the notarial certificate is state compliant 

Sign, stamp, record notarization in Journal with your signature

* Deliver itemized receipt

We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.   We are prompt, professional and strictly adhere to the Florida Statues.

Appointments Available call (352) 507-8334

Hi, I'm Mary Millour and I look forward to discussing your needs and  ensuring your signing or ceremony is a positive experience.  Chances are, I've been in your shoes at some point in my life.   My nature is understanding, non-judgemental and willing to help.  My expertise is notary law.  My  business is based on integrity and reliability, personal professionalism,  trust and long term relationships.  I'm a helper, so feel free to reach out to me, even if it's simply for guidance.  (Remember though, I can not practice law or give legal advice). 

Hope to meet you soon.